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Why Mobile Axe Throwing is the Perfect Addition to Your Wedding, Festival, or Team Building Event in South Africa


Imagine your wedding day: the sun is shining, the vows are exchanged, and suddenly—axes! Adding a mobile axe-throwing setup to your wedding can be a fantastic icebreaker. It’s a surefire way to get guests mingling and laughing, creating unforgettable memories. Plus, there's nothing like seeing Aunt Mildred hit a bullseye in her Sunday best. Axe throwing brings an element of fun and competition that’s sure to make your special day even more unique.

Festivals with a Cutting Edge

Festivals are all about having fun and trying new things. Why not give festival-goers an experience they’ll be talking about long after the event? Mobile axe throwing is perfect for outdoor festivals, providing an exciting activity that appeals to all ages. It’s not every day you get to channel your inner Viking, and with our mobile setup, we bring the axes, the targets, and the fun right to you. Whether it’s a music festival, food festival, or craft fair, axe throwing is guaranteed to draw a crowd and keep them entertained.

Team Building: Axe-perience the Difference

Looking for a unique team-building activity in South Africa? Axe throwing might just be the perfect solution. Forget trust falls and awkward icebreakers; axe throwing is all about skill, focus, and a bit of friendly competition. It’s a fantastic way to encourage teamwork and camaraderie. Plus, it's a great stress reliever—who wouldn’t want to take a break from spreadsheets and emails to hurl an axe at a target? Your team will leave feeling refreshed, energized, and bonded over this exhilarating experience.

Why Choose Weapons On Wheels?

  • Convenience: We bring the fun to you! Our mobile setup can be tailored to fit any venue, big or small.

  • Safety First: Our experienced instructors ensure everyone has a great time while staying safe.

  • Memorable Fun: Axe throwing is not only unique but also incredibly memorable. It’s an activity that will have everyone talking.

  • Customizable Packages: We offer packages to suit weddings, festivals, and corporate events, ensuring your event is tailored to your needs.

Book Your Event Today!

Ready to add some excitement to your next event? Contact Weapons On Wheels today to book your mobile axe throwing experience. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, or corporate event, we guarantee a memorable time for all!

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