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Why Mobile Axe Throwing Is A Must At Your Next Outdoor Event In South Africa

The Axe Throwing Guy

Molweni! It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and attempt to convince you why going axe throwing is the best f***ing thing you’ll ever do in your life (and original too). Today we talk about the mobile version of it all, if you even bothered to read our home page at all then you probably already know that we identify as the Uber of Axe Throwing, our pronouns are “fun and a little danger.” Before I end up saying anything that will get me cancelled, I will just break down why you need to consider mobile axe throwing for your next event.

1. It’s the In thing but also OUT thing as well: As you already know, axe throwing is slowly coming into it’s own worldwide as not only a sport but a recreational activity rivaled only by bowling and here at WOW we believe bowling is boring, it just lacks AXE-citement. Currently there are a few axe throwing venues in South and we predict there will be a couple more sprawling up across the country however as Weapons On Wheels we are pioneering the outdoor axe throwing space and from AXE-perience we’ve come to learn that it is a whole lot more fun than being cooped up in a crummy venue that might not even have air conditioning.

2. It’s safer: Our tagline: “We bring fun and danger” to you isn’t just us merely trying to get attention like an Instagram slay queen. There is truth to it. If not instructed properly or if the wielder of the axe decide that they know better than the a**hole teaching them how to throw an axe the possibility of danger abides as tomahawks have been known to bounce back (and we don’t mean the way Thor’s hammer comes back).

"Can't touch this."

Within a venue since lanes are usually really close together it might be harder to side step if an axe does come back, as you may already have figured, being outdoor gives you plenty of room to moonwalk out of the way. In an ideal scenario axes don't bounce back when instructions are followed carefully but you'll always have one or two idiots who want to do things their own way as if Frank Sinatra is their ancestor.

3. An AXE-cuse to braai: If you are South African and you're reading this then you know what the hell I'm talking about....the country's favorite past time! If it's a sunny day you get to braai while you flick axes, we even offer a package where we not only bring you a trailer, we drag a braai master along with us as well!

"Salty and SHARP."

4. Mobile Axe Throwing is great for almost ANY kind of outdoor occasion: There are the obvious ones like festivals, markets, team building events and parties but have you thought of hiring one of our trailers for your wedding as well? Great way to WOW your guests but even better than that it's a good excuse to pin up pictures of your exes up on our targets and make them regret even more for not choosing matrimonial bliss with either of you. We sincerely believe that in a few years from now axe tossing will replace the bridal bouquet toss, which no one will catch seeing as how little people are getting married these days.

If you are not convinced by now, it doesn't really matter as you will probably bump into a WOW trailer in the near future, whether at your local market, shopping mall or in your nightmares. If you don't need convincing anymore then do the right thing and book us now!

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