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Axe Throwing 101: Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Introduction to Axe Throwing

Welcome to the wild world of axe throwing in South Africa! Whether you're planning a unique team building activity or just want to channel your inner Viking, axe throwing is the perfect way to add some excitement to your life. Get ready to learn the basics and impress your friends with your newfound skills.

Basic Techniques and Safety Tips

Grip and Stance

  1. Grip: Think of holding an axe like a sandwich—firm but gentle. Dominant hand on top, just like when you hog the last slice of pizza.

  2. Stance: Stand like you're about to start a slow dance: feet shoulder-width apart, dominant foot slightly forward. This isn't "Dancing with the Stars," but close enough.

Throwing Technique

  1. Aim: Picture the bullseye as your ex’s face. Focus helps.

  2. Backswing: Raise the axe over your head, elbows in. Pretend you're summoning Thor’s hammer.

  3. Throw: Swing forward, let go when your arms are straight. Imagine throwing a bouquet at a wedding—without the flowers and twice the excitement.

Safety Tips

  1. Distance: Stay 12-15 feet from the target. It’s not a staring contest, but keep your distance.

  2. Awareness: Don’t be that guy. Make sure no one is in the throwing lane.

  3. Equipment: Use the provided axes. No homemade hammers, please.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Gripping too tightly? You're not arm-wrestling the axe. Relax, it’s not going anywhere.

Improper Stance

Too close or too far? If the axe lands with the handle first, step back. If it hits flat, step forward. Like Goldilocks—find what’s just right.

Inconsistent Release

Timing is everything. Release when your arms are straight. It’s like letting go of your hopes and dreams—just kidding, but you get the idea.


Axe throwing is the ultimate team building activity in South Africa. With a bit of practice, you'll go from novice to axe-pert in no time. Ready to give it a shot? Book your session with Weapons On Wheels today and unleash your inner warrior. Just remember to aim carefully—nobody likes a sore thumb.

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