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Slice Saturdays

Experience The Rush with Slice Saturdays in Cape Town!

Wanna slice this Saturday? Take a stab at something new and exciting with our Slice Saturday Package – the day where knives and bullseyes collide for a cutting-edge experience!

Every Saturday at Zandlvei Recreational Park in Muizenbrg, step into the shoes of a daring knife-throwing maestro as you hone your precision skills and channel your inner warrior while you enjoy the serenic view of the lake and mountains.

Experience laughter, adrenaline, and unforgettable memories with friends or family as you embark on this unique knife-flinging journey. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned thrower, we promise you a good time!

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The Slice Experience

Our professional instructors will guide you through the art of throwing knives with finesse, all while sharing their sharpest tips and tricks.
Limited slots available!


Book your Slice Saturday experience online now and get ready to toss some blades in style. End of day participate in our special tournament to prove your worth.

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