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About Us

What is It?

WOW wants you to join us for a thrilling (and dangerous) experience throwing axes, ninja stars, knives and shooting crossbows. Hit that bullseye, and it’s a feeling you will never forget! You can expect:


1hr 30 minute session


Lane that accommodates between 4 – 8 people


An entertaining host that we affectionately refer to as WOWsters

The real fun begins when we indulge in our session ending tradition of competing in a tournament so whether you will be wielding an axe to fight for a place in Valhalla or throwing ninja stars like Naruto when all is said and done or should we say ‘when all is shot and thrown’… only one amongst you can walk away with bragging rights and one of our custom made trophies


We’re throwing projectiles here, so safety is our priority. We know it’s a chore, but every session begins with a full safety briefing and training induction. Once you’re up to speed, the fun (and danger) begins!


You’ll be allocated a target/lane for your practice, and we’ll teach you and give you a brief background history on all the projectiles and weapons involved in your session


As you improve your technique, our crossbow, axe, knife, and star-throwing experts aka WOWsters give you one-on-one advice to get you closer to that bullseye!


Now you’re ready for a little friendly tournament with the rest of your group and by little we mean just that, it’s only going to be a little bit friendly *place evil laugh here.* if that’s not enough to make you want to book this one of a kind activity then I don’t know what will.

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